President William Ruto with Byron Muhando Kivisi
Image: PCS

The late Gengetone music producer and artist, Byron Kivisi aka Byron Papi, has been mourned by President William Ruto.

Ruto expressed his sorrow over the passing of the producer in a tweet on Thursday. The two had initially met while they were working on the hit song Sipangwingwi.

"Deeply saddened by the death of music producer and artist Byron Muhando Kivisi. Byron was first introduced to me by music sensation Xray during a music recording session of the hit song Sipangwingwi at the Deputy President’s residence in Karen," he said.


The late producer's cool, collected manner, the president remarked, is something he remembers with affection.

He asserted that his enormous talent was the reason he was able to succeed as a music producer.

"It is disheartening that we have lost Byron at a prime age. We are comforted by the fact that his works of art will live on. To the family, friends and fans, accept our sincere condolences. Rest In Peace, Byron," President Ruto said.


After Byron Kivisi unexpectedly passed away, his family, the entire music industry, and his fans were all inconsolable.

His family expressed their tremendous sadness and gave details on what led to his terrible demise in a statement that was made public.

The music charts were dominated by Kivisi's contributions to the music industry, and his influence even reached politics.

President Ruto referred to himself as "Sipangwingwi" during his 2022 campaigns.

He worked with some of the most well-known rappers in the nation, including Ssaru, Mejja, Trio Mio, and X-Ray.