Mulamwah with Carrol Sonie
Image: Instagram

Actress Carrol Sonie has broken the silence about the relationship between her and baby daddy Mulamwah, two years after they broke up.

Speaking to Nicholas Kioko, Sonie openly admitted that she still has Mulamwah's number on her phone and did not delete it despite the two having a very contentious break-up.

Sonie was responding to a question about a post she made in July saying that a severe cold was tempting her to call her Ex.


When asked if it was Mulamwah she wanted to call, Sonie said that it was not him because there were other exes but people decided to choose to think that it was Mulamwah because they knew him.

However, she said that she has Mulamwah's number but wanted to clarify about 

"I think people have a lot of assumptions because they know one Ex, now everything will only revolve around that Ex. Before that man [Mulamwah] was there life even after.


I wasn't targeting Mulamwah, if it was him I was targeting, I have his number, I would have just called him. I have his number, why shouldn't I have it now," Sonie said while completely refusing to open up if they still talk.

Mulamwah denies dating Ruth K
Image: Instagram

When asked if she saw the post of Mulamwah's friend who is speculated to be his new girlfriend, Ruth K, who fiercely defended against anyone trying to get with him.

"I didn't know, these days to tell the truth even you told me. I didn't know. Seeing me social media is very difficult, I have a lot of things. But I don't know her at all and I don't know that Ruth K either, I've never seen her," Sonie said.