Alicia Keys new business venture will surprise you

The Hollywood star has filed to trademark her name as she goes on a new business venture

American star Alicia Keys

Multi-talented American Hollywood star Alicia Keys is soon set to join the beverage industry but she isn’t going the same route as everyone else!

As opposed to trying the liquor business like her counterparts the ‘Girl On Fire’ crooner is working on launching her own line of tea! Yes, tea guys! Move over tea masters, the Grammy award winner will now be giving us the tea!

Inspired by a birthday gift from her husband of 13 years, music producer, rapper, and songwriter Swizz Beatz, the singer has filed a trademark for her own lines of teas.

 Alicia's company, AK Worldwide, filed to lock up rights to the name, "Alicia Teas" for a line of teas an obvious pun on her own name that fits perfectly in the world of drinks.

How did the music producer inspire the singer's new business venture? Well, back in 2020 Swizz Beatz went above and beyond to surprise the mother of his 2 kids with the most thoughtful birthday gift ever.

Swizz gifted Alicia her own personal line of teas, not your conventional everyday birthday gift. Back then, Swizz even joked the line would eventually be sold in Starbucks stores worldwide so this could be a sign that fans of the coffee chain could be waking up with a daily dose of "Alicia Teas" pretty soon.

“Everybody in Starbucks all around the world will see Alicia Teas. Happy birthday, baby. Love you,” Swizz wrote on Instagram in 2020.

After receiving the package, the “If I Ain’t Got You” singer studied the package that was handed to her by Swizz for a while, and said, “It’s for real. It means that you did this very far in advance,”

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