Huddah grilled over rant about cars Kenyans buy

The socialite is well-known for airing her sometimes controversial views

Cosmetics and beauty mogul Huddah Monroe.
Image: Instagram

Entrepreneur and former reality TV show star Huddah Monroe has caused discord among Kenyans after she accused them of lacking exposure.

In a series of Instagram stories the social media influencer highlighted cars in Kenya were more expensive than in other countries such as Dubai because Kenyans just take anything.

Netizens on the other hand were quick to remind her that shipping costs and taxation were a thing and that is why countries could never really have a set universal price for things.

Because a country that manufactures said product will have it with ease as compared to one that doesn't.


"When you travel you realize you have been living a joke! Range Rover 2015 model in Kenya $200,00 while in Dubai Range Rover fully loaded 2023, $60,00" started off the beauty mogul.

Huddah went on to complain that old cars being sold for such exorbitant prices was daylight thievery. 

"Laughing in my mother tongue! Old cars 2010-2015 model of cars being sold at that price is just insane! Taking a loan to buy the said cars is even crazier!


Go get yourself a Tesla..." Huddah added.

She went on to argue that most citizens lacked exposure and that is why they were okay with buying "scrap metal" at such prices.

Netizens could not seem to get behind Huddah and her so called ideology with most highlighting she should stick to makeup as the intricate workings of anything outside that seemed to go over her head. 

Below are a few comments from netizens:

Ogola__: Someone take this woman through taxation and Freights!

Sammy boy_Kenya: But its true, i fail to understand why we pay so much for old cars and yet the same amount can secure us a new model of the same unit and add beauty on the road😡


Nick Ndunda: Selling makeup products turns you into a car salesman?

i.am_kashu: Facts in the UK cars above 5years of age are considered old


sweet_chili4u: Si anunue ferrari basi awache kupiga picha na gari za wenyewe

core_law: We need counterfeit cars. I would comfortably drive a makendes benz

Morandequan: Bro doesn’t understand shipping charges

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