Nadia Mukami demands baby mama allowance from Arrow Bwoy

"There is nothing that he’s ever said about me that has ever upset me." she also disclosed.

Nadia Mukami
Kenyan artist and entrepreneur Nadia Mukami

Kenyan songstress Nadia Mukami is back in the country and boy does she have a lot to say!

Nadia who jetted back to the country from the US spoke to bloggers at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport where she went on to express the main reason why she does not claim the title 'wife' when it comes to her relationship.

She also revealed that she needed 'baby mama compensation' from her money for all the hours she's put in raising their son 'alone'


The new mom, talking about her relationship with her baby daddy and fellow artist Arrow Bwoy, Nadia highlighted it would be disrespectful to her dad and village elders for her to refer to herself as someone's wife whereas dowry had not been paid.


“He has not yet paid the dowry. So it would be very bad for my father and the elders if I claim a status as a wife.

He (Arrow Bwoy) understands si ati ni kwa ubaya. He even knows I keep repeating this message,” the 'My Sugar' crooner said.


Nadia went on to add that she said the above statement without fear or any malicious because it was the sheer truth and her man knew it.


“But it’s the truth. Even Arrow Bwoy knows, and he is not mad. Before I go and say anything on social media, I know my partner. There is nothing that he’s ever said about me that has ever upset me."

Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy during their son's birthday

Nadia went on to add that she was expecting a baby mama allowance from Arrow Bwoy owing to the fact that the artist left her alone with their tiny baby shortly after she had given birth.


She highlighted that she needed compensation for all the work she put into raising their kid alone for 2 months while Arrow Bwoy was on tour.

“I feel I need an allowance because he has been touring.  He went to Australia when the baby was six weeks for two months. So he needs to pay me for all that work I’ve put in,” Nadia told the online media before adding that she needs compensation because in as much as it is her responsibility it is also his.

"He needs to pay me for taking care of our son alone for the longest time. It’s my responsibility, but it’s also his responsibility."

This comes in shortly after Nadia claimed she was the richest female artiste in the whole East African region. I guess either way, hubby's money is always sweeter.

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