Vera Sidika promises to take super fan on a date

The fan had shared a placard confessing his admiration for Vera

Vera Sidika and the man who wants to marry her

Reality TV star, socialite, and entrepreneur Vera Sidika has promised to have a date with a bold fan who confessed his admiration and love for her.

The mother of two shared a photo collage of herself next to the fan noting that the man had moved her. She proceeded to promise to take him out on a date once she is back in the country and is settled. 

"This is so cute. I’m looking for this man… I’ll definitely take him out for a date when I get back to Kenya," the mother of two wrote captioning her post.

On her stories, she went on to share the post and asked guys to find him for her.

"Find him... I will take him out," her caption read.

The super fan a Rwandese national currently residing in Kenya, was identified as Mr. Rhymer. Rhymer went viral after photos emerged of him holding a placard with a love letter addressed to the upcoming artist. 

Netizens had mocked and chided him highlighting that Vera would never notice or respond to such a display. I guess joke on them now! Truly you can not shame the shameless. 

Part of his love letter to the socialite where he praised her body and poured out his feelings for her read;

"Babe you talk like a queen during the coronation, you walk a flower during pollination, your body is so soft like a seed in the process of germination, you kill me alive when you walk on slow motion, I completely fail to control my emotions," 

Out of sheer excitement, Rhymer has moved on from his blue placard and has shared a video of himself reciting his poem for Vera. I for one can not wait for her to return from the USA and see how the date goes.

Vera Sidika promises to take super fan on a date
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