Jimal Rohosafi
Image: Instagram

In light of what happened to his ex-girlfriend Amber Ray over the weekend, Jimal Rohosafi just released an intriguing karaoke rendition of the song by singer Whozu.

The father of three may be seen in the song singing along to a song that begs husbands not to hit their spouses.

The owner of the taxi sang the song whose lyrics are below during a karaoke session on his TikTok;

"Nitrend nimeachika si nipost Juma Lokole   

Yani nianze kufilisika alafu nijifanye mlokole

Yani mimi sindio kula yani kisa tumeachana 

Akaacha ukiniblock kesha yake tunarudiana

Sema awe a wapi sema tena awe a wapi

Yani unipeleke disco nirudishe bila dem nisikujigi jigi

Kisa unanitegi shem nitume na ya kutolea

Kujawahi nipa game vunjabei and mobetto   

Eti ni mtu na shemu."

The one part of the song he wanted his audience to pay close attention to is below telling netizens to listen.     

"Mwanamke hapigwi, analambwa kisigino naskia shilole uchebe kamngoa jino

Nesi katumwa majibu eh kaleta kipimo anakasura kazuri ila anabonge la shii."

Watch the clip below;

Jimal's fans while amused that he can sing, are also saying they suspect the lyrics of the song are aimed at Kennedy Rapudo, following his fight with Amber.

mso_Anne 🇰🇪 I now see why Kenyans are fighting online, uchokozi uko kwa dna yetu🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣... pull up selecter🤣🤣🤣🤣

Joyli fear this gender aki!!!The way he's celebrating his X down fall...justice for girl child 😂😂😂😂

king forever kwani hakuna ex wah Amber humove on😂😂 Mkamba hatari

Amber Ray and Jimal Rohosafi in the past

Kennedy Rapudo profusely sorry for the physical incident he and Amber had on Sunday night when it was made public.

He said it was an isolated incident and blamed being inebriated, saying nobody should take it to represent who he was.

A few days prior to making his testimony, Amber had left Kennedy at her home and posted a few mysterious words online.

She also appeared to have gone for her other residence.

The fact that she had lost her engagement ring was even more troubling, as seen by astute observers.