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After a confrontation with a city askari, a Nairobi resident has lost access to her TikTok account.

Ntazola, the woman, informed Kenyans that she had lost her account as a result of the incident's viral video.

"TikTok wametoa account yangu, it's permanently banned this my new account," she shared.


"Hi, guys. so wametoa account yangu Sina account yangu ya tiktok tena because of that kanju incident that's okay When that guy entered my car it was without my permission. I was trying to just park my car in town. That was not his first time. He has done that to me a lot of times so I was just tired of him," she once again defended her online rant at the kanjo man.


"I'm safe, I'm okay. I've lost my tiktok account it's okay and at least people have seen what these do to other people. Like how they treat people is not cool. Yeah, so you can follow my new account."


Due to the uproar the video has generated, she has also declared that she will be taking a brief hiatus from social media.

"I'm gonna be taking a break from this TikTok hahaha that was too much."

On Wednesday, October 18, Ntazola made headlines when she posted a video criticising a city or county official for breaking into her car over an unspecified offense.

She was recording her conversation with the man as he was sitting on the passenger side of her car.

She scolded him for not asking permission to get into her car, which he seemed to downplay. The woman screamed indignantly over the abuse she was getting.