Murugi Munyi recounts being turned down

Murugi opened up about her disheartening character development story

Murugi Munyi also reffered to as Yummy mummy
Kenyan content creator Murugi Munyi also reffered to as Yummy mummy

Ladies, gather around, because it's time for a lesson in deciphering the cryptic world of dating and relationships. Our guide today? Digital content creator, Murugi Munyi, who's here to remind us that not every connection means "relationship."

Speaking during an episode of  The Messy In Between Podcast that she co-hosts with her best friend Lydia, the mother of 3 reminisced over how she learned this the hard way.

Picture this: a charming guy, a twinkle in his eye, and some promising chemistry. Before you know it, you're envisioning living together while he's still debating whether to order the chicken or the beef. And here's where Murugi drops her pearls of wisdom.


In her own hilarious misadventure, Murugi had her heart set on exclusive status but the man she was seeing back then was with her just for the fun of it.

"Confirming the status of a relationship is important.

In my mid-20s there was a guy I was friends with, we would hang out and I thought the next natural step would be for us to date," started off Murugi, responding to Lydia's question of  what is the one thing her ex taught her.


Little did she know, while she was sipping hot cocoa and watching rom-coms, he was handing out house keys to someone else. 

She learnt this after she excitedly suggested that they should get exclusive (you know, have the girlfriend-boyfriend title) now that they had been seeing each other for a while.

Much to her dismay the dude straight up revealed that he didn't want to be her boyfriend and he actually had another lady in his life who was actually carrying his baby!

The audacity!


"One day I suggested we be official, and he told me he never wanted to be my boyfriend. I learned he had made another woman pregnant, she ended up moving in with him," recounted the digital content creator.

Murugi who is currently married noted that the character development toughed her in a way. She reminded girls that titles are very important and they should always remember just because they have a sexual relationship with a man that doesn't explicitly mean that they are an item.

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