I'm a huge introvert- comedian Njugush reveals

Njugush highlighted the struggles of being an introvert while in the public eye

Comedian and digital content creator Timothy Kimani aka Njugush
Image: Instagram

Would you have guessed that your favourite multi-award-winning comedian Njugush is an introvert? No? Well, guess what, the father of 2 is introverted and occasionally requires time out from people.

The globally celebrated comedian and digital content creator whose real name is Timothy Kimani revealed this during a recent interview he had.

Njugush opened up on how he juggles being a public figure and maintaining his sanity and peace of mind

"I'm so introverted, so introverted. Most times you will find me alone or just with family," stated the father of two adding that taking time away from the limelight and people helps him rejuvenate and detox the toxicity of the universe from his system.

He went on to add that after eons in front of cameras, he has learned how to shield his space and keep himself grounded.

The Kamanis - Njugush and Wakaviney and their kids Toria and Tugi with their family dog

On how he deals with negativity/cares for his mental health as a public figure whose life is always under scrutiny, the former Real Househelps of Kawangware actor went on to say;

"I usually stay alone and also go for long drives occasionally but also it is all about shielding myself.

You know sometimes a person can be like, 'the comedy you are doing isn't funny/these days it is lame' or another person comes up to you and they are like 'why have you started including your wife in your skits' and it is not as if it is something new or that they haven't been seeing her on set.

At times outside noise can blur you from seeing things that are ahead of you. Like if someone tell me 'Njugush maybe you should drop comedy' that thing will stick with me, itanisumbua sana. For me I enjoy time with my wife and kids, seeing them reminds me why I do the things I do.

You'll need time off with your personal people to remind you why you do what you do. For me Celestine (his wife, also known as Wakavinye) is it for me!

I feel like once you arrive home and you see your kids then everything else makes sense and you understand you do what you do for them then there is nothing that you can't do!" Said Njugush candidly.

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