Who is Georgina Njenga dating? The influencer finally sets record straight

In the last few months, Georgina has been linked to several individuals.

Georgina Njenga

Digital content creator and social media influencer Georgina Njenga is setting the record straight on her current dating escapades.

In the past few months, Georgina has been linked to several individuals.

Just the other day, her sexuality was questioned after she shared an eyebrow-raising video - locking lips with her female friend.

In a wordy post that she shared, the influencer poked fun at how people have been trying to figure out her love life after announcing she is single.

"Heeeh every day I wake up to a new story about my relationship status," started the first-time mom.

Georgina went on to sarcastically highlight some of the individuals she has been linked to since she publicly announced she had called it quits with her baby daddy and actor Tyler Mbaya aka Baha.

"Mara South Sudanese then again Nigerian lol, heeeh si you all just leave me alone!" Emotionally wrote Georgina.

In the last part of her rant, the digital content creator went on to set the record straight on her current relationship status noting that she is currently focusing on herself.

Georgina assured her fans that at the moment she was single and not seeing nor linked to anyone.

"I'm not in any relationship mimi," finished off Georgina as she added an eye roll emoji to her last post.

Speaking during a past interview the mother of one divulged that her relationship with the child actor ended amicably after several attempts to make things work.

She made it clear that despite going their separate ways, Baha is still active in their child's life.

"There was no specific reason; it was not just working out. I can’t pinpoint one thing. I can’t say he did this or that or I did that. It was piled up issues… and it reaches a time when you realize this is not working out.

No one left the other, we discussed and agreed that we can’t continue,” Georgina said in part.

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