Murugi Munyi
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator and entrepreneur Murugi Munyi is calling for the banning of AI.

The mother of 3 strongly feels that AI has gotten ungovernable and needs to be stopped ASAP before things get trickier.

Murugi's views were amplified after she watched an Instagram video where an influencer transformed a mere football field into a beautiful lake view with autumn leaves falling and a little cottage house all with the help of AI.

Sharing her views on the said video Murugi expressed her worry that the digital technology was at this point fully getting out of hand. She expressed that people, especially cheating spouses can use AI to get out of trouble and will be out there cheating on their partners with the other party none the wiser.

"Excuse me AI is getting out of hand! You literally could be like your man could be like wueh," started off the mother of 3 struggling to find her words as she was clearly dumbfounded by what she had just witnessed.

Murugi went on to add how she felt AI moving forward could be used by cheating couples to escape being caught.

Picking up from where she'd left when words failed her the digital content creator went on to narrate a scenario she'd thought of and why she strongly felt AI needed to be stopped.

"Your man could be like I am here, I am at Njuguna's with my friend Frank... and then he can just go to AI and input the command, insert Njuguna's headboard then he edits it again adding insert photo of my friend Frank and that is it!

Like you could never know! Like the picture is moving! It is a moving picture. At this point no, nopes AI needs to be stopped, nopes," Murugi Munyi said as her video came to an end.

Captioning the video she simply wrote, "this is crazy,"

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