It's all storytelling- Xenia Manasseh on how she pens hit songs for other artists

Xenia who alongside Lisa Oduor became the first Kenyan artists to be featured On COLORS X STUDIOS.

Kenyan artist Xenia Manasseh
Image: Courtesy

Phenomenal Kenyan singer-songwriter and Spotify RADAR artist Xenia Manasseh is opening up on her journey as an artist and how she juggles writing music for others.

Xenia alongside Lisa Oduor became the first Kenyan artists to be featured On COLORS X STUDIOS.

On how she is able to relate to her clients as a songwriter and fully bring out the essence of what the client wants Xenia noted that she loves inputting parts of herself in the lyrics.

The 26-year-old maintained that there is no real difference when it comes to how she writes for herself and others.

"My approach to writing for everybody is the same because I always maintain everything comes from within," candidly said the melodious artist. .

She went on to add that she likes it when her clients are open with her because she loves it when songs have emotions.

"Even if like I am in a session with somebody and I have to write for them, I always ask them what it is in their mind and it really helps if they are honest with me and I have been lucky to have come across those opportunities every single time," Xenia added.

Finishing up she highlighted that once she has a feel of what an artist wants she then tries to relate to it so that she can be able to pour her heart into the lyrics to fully bring out the essence of the song.

Xenia added that music was all about story telling.

"I take what they say and I'm like okay how do I relate this to my life. Not always though...Sometimes it is just the understanding of theirs through my similar experiences but not the same experiences.

So I'm like okay what if we say this or is this the feeling. It is all about storytelling," said the 'See Me' crooner with a bright smile on her face truly showcasing how beautifully she loves music.

Asked to describe herself Xenia went on to describe herself as a "big lover of life, a learner adventurous and courageous."

Xenia has written for super successful international Hollywood acts such as Teyena Taylor and Big Sean. She has also worked with internationally celebrated Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol and Miss Karun among others.

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