I made so much more as an artist as compared to MP- CAS Jaguar

CAS Jaguar
Image: Instagram

CAS Charles Njagua Kanyi popularly known as Jaguar has a few tidbits of wisdom for Kenyan artists, especially upcoming ones, "there's no craft with as much money as the music industry"

According to the musician turned politician he does not understand people who constantly keep saying that the music industry has no money as he swears he made so much money as an artist... more than he ever did as the MP for Starehe constituency.

Jaguar maintains if you are serious with the craft and learn the ropes then everything else (read finances and fame) will just smoothly flow.

His comments were prompted by statements made by Papa Jones' brother who raised uncertainties regarding the financial outlook of the music industry.

"Niliona msanii brother ya Khaligraph akisema ati music haina pesa. Mi nataka nikuambie, hakuna industry iko na pesa kama arts. We ukiwa serious ukifanya song utapata pesa,"

Which loosely translates to;

"I saw an artist, Khaligraph's brother to be exact complaining saying that there is no money in music, I want to assure you that no industry has as much money as arts. Just be serious with your craft, drop a dope song and music will come to you,"

The musician-turned-politician went on to recount his prime days in the music industry confessing that never in his life has he ever made as much money as he did while he was an artist.

Jaguar emphasized that even his tenure as a Member of the Kenyan Parliament did not line his pockets as much as his musical career did.

"Mimi ni product ya muziki. Ata nikiwa MP, and I have said this before, ile pesa nilitengeneza nikiwa msanii hata sikupata nikiwa mbunge,

(I am a product of music, even when I was an MP and I have said this before, the amount of money I made as an artist I actually never got it while I was in parliament)"the 'Kigeugeu' crooner confidently said.

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