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A woman has become popular on TikTok after she revealed a humiliating story about frequent diarrhea in the middle of a university math exam.

The content producer, Karmell Garrett, shared the embarrassing story in a short video on TikTok saying that he will never forget to imitate someone's diet as she tried to imitate the diet of the artist Beyonce and it ended badly and embarrassingly.

She was responding in one of the videos of the amazing events by another TikToker named Susi who asked people to tell their shameful stories.


"Wow, that's almost like the time I decided to do a Beyonce diet my senior year of college," Karmell began his own response to Susi. 'Let me set the scene for you,' she continued.

The lady who tried the diet
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She went on to explain how, in the early 2000s, it was all the rage to try and shed pounds by eating nothing but a mixture of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup.

Before going to bed at night, you 'drink two cups of laxative tea' - and, in the morning, you have to strain a liter of salt water.


While Karmell described the diet as 'Beyoncé's diet,' in her post, she went on to clarify in the comments that it was actually the 'cleanse' diet she had in mind.

"So I drink my sea salt water and I go about my day to take my final math exams. 'I walk into class, the professor gives out tests and says, "Hi, this is an overdue final."

No problem. I am excited. I'm ready,' Karmell explained. But suddenly, he remembered feeling sick to his stomach. I feel the thunder in my trembling. I feel thunder down below.'

So, knowing it was a timed test, he left the classroom and used the restroom. It was near the classroom,' she recalled.

'When I go to the bathroom, I pull my underwear down just in time before I'm set on fire. Spray paint, if you will,' she explained bluntly at the time of the accident.

'Now to know me is to know that I only make small noises in most public toilets. I don't do my business in public if I can avoid it,' she added.