Diamond Platnumz with Naseeb Junior
Image: Instagram

Prior to his incredible Octoberfest performance at the Ngong Racecourse, Diamond Platnumz was thoroughly questioned by assembled media.

As is always the case, the subject of his baby mamas arose when a journalist questioned the father of four about his experiences of spending time with his children.

The singer of "African Beauty" refuted this claim, stating that all of his children remained with their moms.


"As a proud dad, there are times I take them and spend time with them," he replied.

Some also inquired about his opinion on Naseeb Junior being preferable to his other three children. The endearing singer slyly justified his actions by claiming that the boy was his last child and that's why he treated him like one.


"You know the others have been enjoying me for much longer...He is much younger than them and you know that comes with kubembeleza. His brothers and sister also love him," he said without ducking the question. 


When asked about his wonderful friendship with Shakib Cham, Zari's boyfriend, Chibu responded positively.

"It's good, it's something positive and we don't want to be like people in the past but we want to show how positive we are. It also shows that a man from East Africa has wisdom and smarts."


Last but not least, a journalist questioned how he managed to achieve that achievement after noticing his wonderful friendship with Tanasha and Zari Hassan, two baby moms.

"I think it's just dedicating your time because no matter how busy you are, you must get time to spend with your kids," he finished.