Dedan Kimathi's rare photo captivates Julie Gichuru

Her celebration post comes on the day that the late freedom fighter would have been celebrating his birthday

Media personality and entrepreneur Julie Gichuru

Entrepreneur and media personality Julie Gathoni Gichuri has shared a rarely seen before photo of the late Mau Mau freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi calling upon Kenyans not to forget their history.

In the said photo Julie gushed over how healthy, vibrant, and full of hope Dedan looked as opposed to the images of him that are circulated.

"Kimathi wa Waciuri also known as Dedan Kimathi. I love this image of him. If I had any artistic talent I would paint this," started off the former news anchor.


Julie went on to highlight what truly attracted her to the photo noting that just like most people all she saw of the late freedom fighter was the shell of the man he was before he died.

The 49-year-old added that she felt that those were the images that had been in circulation so as to break people's morale.

And let us be honest, she kind of has a point because how many have seen any other images of Dedan Kimathi besides the one where he's lying down on white pillows with his arms crossed across his chest looking somewhat dejected and sickly?


"Here, we see so much more of Kimathi. In most images we see the struggle in the man; a man in the midst of a struggle. I believe those images were shared widely to break the spirits of the people," Julie added.

The late Dedan Kimathi hanging out with his friend in the past

She went on to gush over the photo of the late Mau Mau leader hanging out with his friend urging people to learn and understand their history in a bid to do better and forge a new path for the motherland.

"This one is different. This shows the man who chose the struggle. Strong. Resolute. A strategist with a steadfast spirit.

It is important to understand our history, even as we forge a bold new era for Africa. It is important to document and share this history for generations to come ๐ŸŒ," the last of her post read.

Netizens flocked to the comment section concurring with Julie's sentiments and calling upon others not to forget our history.

Below are a few comments;

Muishfrankie: it's ironic that we chose to refer him as Dedan a name given by the very colonial masters. Robbing him his true identity.

Amos_mophat: Wambarara has a book and pen...meaning they were literate gents,contrary to what we were taught..We got lied and betrayed from within.

Soniaisiced: Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of history of a man who fought for the freedom of his people. Let us not forget that we are worthy to fight for our own land and heritage.

ruth_2012blackpeony: Only when we know and recognize our history can we know where we are headed.

Mj83_thekopite: Just like the managed to portray Jesus as white and devil as black and no one ever questioned. This piece shows hope a young man holding book at those days thatโ€™s future.

fardy_farah: Yes definitely! And i wish a lot of African culture was documented and not passed on orally because in my opinion, Africa has a rich history of kings and queens of great civilizations but now lost.

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