Beyonce's mom spills the tea on her daughter's 'mean' backstage behaviour

Beyonce with her mom Tina Knowles
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Beyonce's mother Miss Tina Knowles is spilling some secrets about the globally celebrated singer/songwriter highlighting that sometimes her backstage persona is unpleasing.

Guess Mama Bey doesn't like Sasha Fierce.

Speaking during a guest appearance she made on Sherri Tina and the host Sherri Shepherd got into a little conversation about Beyoncé, and her backstage behavior.


Tina voiced she was happy to get a break from assisting with the quick changes and backstage hustle and bustle now that the Renaissance tour is over. 

She noted that once the pressure gets to her daughter she tends to get mean during her shows, although afterwards, she feels really remorseful about it.

“We laughed about this recently because I was saying, ‘Girl, you get really mean back there. We’d laugh because she used to perform ‘Flaws and All.’ She would sing, ‘I’m a bi *h in the morning,’ and I’ll be like, ‘And the evening too!’" said the mother of 2 in between chuckles.


Miss Tina went on to add that she was relieved that the tours were done and she didn't have to deal with Sasha Fierce anymore.

"I am really happy that I don’t have to be back there anymore," added the talent manager.

Image: Courtesy

Miss Tina Knowles put Beyoncé’s “mean” behaviour in context, saying that it comes in ”the heat of the moment.”

Adding that the “Break My Soul” hitmaker would often break down and apologise for her bossy behaviour behind the scenes, attributing it to the jarring pressure of the shows.

“After we get out, she’ll say, ‘Momma, I’m so sorry.’ And I’m like, ‘I know.’ And sometimes she be crying — I was like, ‘She crying ’cause she knows she just said some crazy stuff to us.

But that’s the heat of the moment, because you’re trying to get your shoes on, and everybody’s waiting, and if somebody’s messing up or they lose the shoes, then you messed up the whole show," continued Tina. 'So, I understand it,'” Knowles recalled.

Queen Bey's Renaissance World Tour wrapped up on October 1 in Kansas City and earned more than $579 million worldwide, according to Variety. 

Renaissance is also currently the highest-grossing tour by a black artist, and achieved the two highest monthly tour grosses in history.

The mother of 3 performed 57 concerts across 12 countries for nearly 3 million fans across the globe with her May 14th performance in Belgium at the King Baudouin Stadium breaking the world record for largest concert audience with 53k fans in attendance.

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