'Maasais aren't props!' Dufla blasts government

"This is really concerning!!!!" The dance hall artist opined.

Dufla Diligon

Budding dance hall artiste Dufla Diligon is calling out the government for what he terms as milking the Maasai culture for their own self-serving needs.

Sharing his frustrations online the recording artist who hails from the Northern part of Kenya went on to highlight how over time his people... the Maasai are only remembered when it comes to welcoming guests into the country and pushing the notion of culture.

Dufla argues that the Nilotic group is so behind when it comes to development and infrastructure yet they will always be called forward to show off/represent the country. 


"This has come to my attention yaani time kuna prominent people in the country ndio Maasai tunakuwa hapo mbele (that is the time when we are at the forefront) for entertainment lakini kwa maendeleo tunaachwa nyuma(but when it comes to development we are totally left behind)!!" Started off the budding entertainer in a lengthy rant on his Instagram stories.

Dufla noted that the fact that the Maasai were the ones entertaining the King and Queen of England during their state visit to Kenya was exactly what he was talking about.

"This is really concerning!!!!" The dance hall artist opined. 


He went on to add;


I have seen Maasai entertaining the KING and QUEEN from they landed pale state house!!! The same way tunakumbukwa kwa shughuli rasmi kama hii pia kwa maendeleo tukuwe kwa table not kwa menu (the same way we are remembered in official state business we should also be remembered when it comes to development.

We should be on the table not just on the menu)!!!!" The last of his infuriated rant read.

What are your thoughts on this?

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