Jackie Matubia
Image: Instagram

Jackie Matubia is still shining despite her relationship with her second baby daddy, Blessing Matubia ending.

The actress has been using the expression "catching flights, not feelings," which many women use to indicate that they are getting over difficult situations.

In her most recent YouTube video, Jackie discusses her changed perspective on life.


"It's been an amazing journey, I am a proud single mother of two. I decided what makes Jackie happy is good vibes, Inshallah and let's catch flights not feelings," she said. 

The Salem actress travelled to Dubai two months ago with her two youngsters. Zari, her firstborn, was turning eight years old.

"I decided to invest in myself and when I went for two of my trips I decided, you know what? Zari told me, Mummy you know what, it's my birthday and I've always told you I wanted to go to Dubai, mimi nani kama mamake. Tukacatch flights"


The Dubai trip was funded by her first baby daddy. She has two daughters from two different baby daddys.

"It was a family vacation, also the dad came through,. I keep telling you guys, even if you decide to get children, pataneni watoto na watu wako na akili." she bursts out laughing. "Hehe juu wengine wetu pia, even me who is advising you pia kimeniramba," she added that this would most likely land her in trouble.

"It is the truth though, I am as truthful as it comes," she defended her comment.

She is organising a new family vacation.

She is aware that her life has become a hot issue.

"Oh Jackie Matubia, Jackie Matubia, najua jina yangu ni tamu. But all I can say is I just decided to love me, I decided to put myself first," she shed tears describing her small God-centred family.

She has learnt a lot as a single mum

"He has held me when everything in my life was falling apart he reassured me that he's got me."