Motherhood will test your patience- Eric Omondi's gf, Lynne cries

3 things Eric Omondi's gf Lynne has learnt since giving birth

Digital content creator Lynne Ngugi

Commercial model, digital content creator, and brand influencer Lynne Ngugi Njihia is opening up about her motherhood journey.

Three months ago, Lynne and her baby daddy veteran comedian and fellow digital content creator Eric Omondi welcomed a healthy baby girl, Princess Kyla Omondi. Lynne details that so much has changed ever since then.

Sharing her journey so far in a YouTube video posted on her page the 22-year-old listed revealed that one of the biggest things no one prepared her for was how much her patience would be tested.

"I've listed some things down that I have experienced as a new mom and I wanted to share this side of motherhood with you guys and for the moms, you can please share with me if you have experienced any of these," excitedly said the new mom before she went on to list how her life has changed since welcoming her daughter.

Lynne started by opening up on how greatly motherhood has texted her patience and taught her to be calmer and less reactive.

Eric Omondi and his girlfriend Lynne welcome a bouncing baby girl
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"The first thing I have experienced or learned is that motherhood will really really test your patience as a person. I never used to be a patient person in life and I occasionally just react at the spur of the moment but then I had to learn how to be patient with the baby because sometimes she is fussy or she doesn't want to sleep and I am tired, such things.

You have to be really really patient with your baby so as to learn not to throw outbursts at your child or just being an angry parent," the new mom shared.

Her next point which she revealed she learned immediately she left the hospital was that one doesn't have breast milk immediately they give birth. Lynne asked ladies who'd undergone the natural birth to share if this was indeed the same case for them as she had given birth through CS.

"It took me like 2 to 3 days to have breast milk. I used to stimulate it with breast pump and I was told to eat different types of meals and drink lots of cocoa or marmalade to help with milk production," Lynne shared.

Eric Omondi with his girlfriend Lynne
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On the biggest point and one that disappointed her the most Lynne highlighted that the worst bit about being a mom is how all over sudden everyone was in your business.

"Everyone all over sudden cares about what you do, where you are and what not. Like why are you doing a shoot and you have a baby, like for me I have gotten a lot of that.

Like why are you out you are supposed to be out, I didn't like that,"

Lynne finished by highlighted that she is a good mom and takes great care of her baby and that is what matters at the end of the day.

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