Elsa Majimbo unapologetically reveals she's anti-people regardless of race

In a world where "social" is the buzzword, Elsa's sassy remarks about her disinterest in humanity as a whole are refreshingly candid.

US based Kenyan digital content creator Elsa Majimbo

Elsa Majimbo, the US-based Kenyan content creator known for her sharp wit and hilarious videos, recently made headlines with her candid remarks about her aversion to people and personal space. 

In a world where "social" is the buzzword, Elsa's sassy remarks about her disinterest in humanity as a whole are refreshingly candid.

The Forbes under 30 star opened up about her people aversion highlighting it was reserved for everyone regardless of their race.

 "I don't like white people, black people, Asian people, I generally just don't like people. My point is, I do not discriminate; as long as you breathe, I genuinely don't like people," Elsa unapologetically said.

Elsa's candor is like a tall glass of iced tea on a hot summer day and her humor as sharp as her aversion to humanity, actually the main reason why she's become a huge social media sensation.

Her unapologetic attitude towards her preferences is both endearing and relatable. In a time when we're constantly told to be polite and accommodating, her honesty is like a breath of fresh air.

Elsa Majimbo with her boyfriend
Image: Twitter

But Elsa's aversion to people doesn't stop at mere words. She doesn't like being touched, and she's not shy about letting people know. For those who value their personal space, Elsa's stance on this matter is practically gospel.

In her own words, "I don't like being touched." It's a clear declaration that says, "hands off, I'm not your personal jungle gym."

And speaking of boundaries, let's talk about those unexpected phone calls from unknown numbers. We've all been there, squinting at the screen, wondering who could be on the other end. Elsa, though, she's not having it.

Her response to random callers not on her phonebook, "you are guaranteed that I will not be picking up."

Elsa Majimbo's rise to fame is a testament to her unique brand of humor and authenticity. Her outspoken nature and unapologetic stand on personal preferences make her a role model for those who refuse to conform to societal expectations. Her message is simple: be true to yourself and never compromise on your personal boundaries.

So, while she might not be a people-person, she's definitely a people's champ.

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