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Jimal Rohosafi's ex-wife Amira is really enjoying the new season that she's in as far as her love life goes.

Yesterday the mom of 2 shared a beautiful message where she asked her many followers on Instagram to pray for her,

"Mahusiano yangu mapya ndio yanaleta hii baraka ya mvua. Plz endeleeni kutuombea.(My new relationships are bringing this blessing of rain. Plz keep praying for us)"

Amira's screenshot
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The message was preceded by a photo of the new man she has been dating for the past few months.

Amira's new man
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Amira officially introduced her new man in early October where she gushed about how loving men from his community were.

The influencer flaunted her partner in a slew of romantic pictures that she posted to her Instagram account, writing "so happy" as the comment.

Amira was seen in one picture wearing a blue shirt, while her new partner was dressed in denim pants, a cream fedora, and a blue shirt.

In what appeared to be a restaurant, Amira leaned on him and grinned at the camera while he stared at her in wonder. She wrote the following as the photo's Instagram story caption:

"Na mbona hamkuwa mmeniambia mapema mapenzi ya Kiluo inakuwanga tamu hivi. (And why did you all not tell me being loved by a Luo is this sweet)."

The public was treated to the drama of Amira and her ex-husband's marriage in March with accusations that she had brought another guy into their Syokimau house.

This was the reason the mother of his two sons was forced from their marital household, he said.

People on the internet, including Amira, took offense at his words and charged him with being egotistical.

"Can someone ask that narcissist man to bring CCTV footage of the accusations he made? There is CCTV in the living room and kitchen because I am coming in hot," she said.