KRG the Don
Image: Instagram

For singer KRG The Don, money is no object. In an attempt to intimidate his best buddy Dufla Diligon into showing off his own, the singer of "Mambo Imechmeka" flaunted his substantial Mpesa statement.

"Dufla diligon how much have you spent," he laughed.

He posted a screen grab of his Mpesa app, showing the total amount at sh30,106,324.73.


The document listed his purchases for the previous 1 month that he made with that money.

Out of the thirty million, sixty-five percent were spent on general expenses.

Here is a breakdown:


General sh19, 441,472.65 - 65 percent

Family and friends sh10,434,714.26  - 35 percent

Withdrawal sh 227,087.82 - <1 percent

Bills and services sh2,900.00 - <1 percent

Transport and travel sh150.000 - < 1 percent

In August, when KRG, also known as Bughaa, last flashed his wealth, KRA noticed and tagged him, claiming they had to get their share.

He was talking about how he turned down a deal worth Sh90 million since it wasn't enough while driving in his car.

"Without 100m I can't sign any deal with any betting company nimeshaa wa warn na mapema kabisa mi ni bughaa," he boasted.

KRA posted the Bible verse Mark 12:17 which reads,

"And Jesus answered and said to them. Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's. And they marveled at Him," KRA tweeted.

KRG has not been using social media, and on Sunday, November 5, he provided an explanation in response to a question from a worker who was giving his car a wash and telling him that his friends are missing him.

He attributed it to his extreme busyness. He said reassuringly, "Niko busy kazi haitaki kelele, ni kazi."