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A few days after the artist Diamond Platnumz admitted to being defrauded of four billion Tanzanian shillings that he invested to buy a private jet, another bongo star Rajab Abdul Kahali aka Harmonize has also opened up and claimed he was defrauded of seven billion (Ksh 423.8 million).

This Bongofleva star has admitted that he lost the money he had planned to use to open a news station in conjunction with his Konde Boy label.

"I had a vision to open communication rooms, but I was cheated by stealing seven billion, which stopped my main plan to open a news station," Konde Boy said at the weekend.


The artist said this in a live interview with internet bloggers when he arrived in Kenya to entertain his followers.

In the interview, the artist said that one of the reasons for many artists being cheated is the lack of sufficient education.

"A large percentage of artists have not gone to school, many of us started in the street by starting to sing, our stars are shining, when we get a large amount of money to do transactions, it becomes a problem," he said.


Harmonize revealed that investigations are being done so that he can get his money back so that he can fulfill his vision.

"There is a need for the Government to be able to protect us as artists to ensure that our business will be done openly without being cheated," he said