Nyce Wanjeri with Leting
Image: Instagram

Nyce Wanjeri's partner Leting has thanked her for the effort she went through to bring their daughter into the world.

The Talented singer also shared details of how he helped his wife cope when she had self-doubt and insecurities over her body changes after delivery.

Through his socials he shared

"One day I'll tell you a story about this amazing human called Nyce Wanjeri. You see during postpartum, she was so confused about what had happened to her body. 

For those of you familiar with the pregnancy journey, you know how the body deforms and skin stretches...leaving you with a significant scar of life. 

That's what happened to my gem...and I could see the scare on her face. 

She never wanted to leave the house and preferred staying home alone when I went out to run errands. Ladies and gents, this is called POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION. "

Leting says he had to push his partner to get out and interact with other people reminding her she was loved no matter what.

"If not for me insisting that she had to breathe, she didn't wanna leave the house. Lakini Leting ni nani..I have been taking her out of the house BY FORCE. 

I took her to lunch dates. I took her to gigs and concerts. She has learned to put on her birth scars with pride because the job of bringing a human to life is no mean fete.  

She has recovered. Her scars have healed. She is glowing and all these things make me so proud. "

In conclusion, he added

"This is an appreciation post to everyone who has ever given birth, or undergone any process that has had long and significant implications to their lives. I want yall to know how much I appreciate YOU. Mothers, y'all are special. Yall are pieces of roses without which this earth would stink pungent and would be ugly."