Corazon Kwamboka elated as she goes back to her 1st love

The mother of 2 revealed she always knew this day would come, as she announced the news

Corazon kwamboka
Corazon kwamboka
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Is fitness enthusiast and socialite Corazon Kwamboka finally ready to put her law degree to use? It sure seems so!

Sharing on her socials the mother of 2 revealed she feels it is time to actually live up to the 'Advocate of the High Court of Kenya' caption that she has on her Instagram bio.

Her main reason to start practicing? The social media influencer feels it is high time she proves to people that she isn't thick in the head and can take on legal cases handed to her.


On her Instagram page, Corazon shared a video of her quickly checking something on a book that she appeared to be reading then proceeding to type a few things on her laptop implying she was working on something.

The socialite had a full facebeat and looked gorgeous in simple laid-back blue jeans and a black tank top paired with pink sneakers.

Her video read, "When you have to go back to your career because people have started thinking you are stupid, not just lazy,"


Captioning the post the mother of 2 went on to remind people that not only did she graduate law school but she was among the top students in her class and actually passed the bar exams at Kenya School of Law (KSL) in one take.

Image: Instagram

She opened up about how she felt that it was finally time to put her bachelor's degree to good use and show off her legal prowess.

"Finally, the time has come for me to unleash my legal superpowers! It has been a journey of dedication and hard work, from studying for four years, graduating among the top of my class, and acing Kenya School of Law in one sitting,"part of Kwamboka's caption read.

The brand influencer went on to add that law has always been her first love and she knew when the time was right she'd find her way back to the thing that sets her soul on fire.

She assured her multitude of fans that they were in for an incredible ride witnessing all the great things she'd be able to achieve in the quest for justice.

"I always knew that my first love, ‘law,’ would call me back, and now it’s happening!

Stay tuned for the incredible things I’ll achieve as I make justice a reality. This is just the beginning, and I’m ready to show the world what I’m capable of!" The rest of her post read.