J Blessing recounts losing his son and all the rumours that swelled up afterward

J Blessing was accused of sacrificing his toddler then fleeing from Kenya to Uganda.

J Blessing
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Kenyan music, video/ television producer, and director Jibril Blessing popularly known just as J Blessing is finally opening up in regards to the dark accusations that cloaked his life when it came to the death of his late son with Chantelle.

J Blessing was accused of sacrificing his toddler and then fleeing from Kenya to Uganda.

Speaking with Cleaning The Airwaves (CTA) the music producer addressed the rumours highlighting they were baseless. He proceeded to give his account of everything that transpired.

Jibril acknowledged that back then he wasn't a present partner/dad as much as he would have wanted to as he was still in school and had to travel out of the country for studies occasionally but he did learn so much from his child from the few times they spent together.

"Let me talk about my angel and Winnie (his baby mama) and Kyle (his late son)... I think I learned so much from him.

 And that at the time I was going through so much I wasn't present sana during the pregnancy but after birth I was a little more present and able to spend some quality time with him," J Blessing started off as he recounted his life back then.

A past photo of J Blessing with Chantelle and their late child Kyle
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According to him, things between him and Chantelle started getting strained due to his occasional study trips to the US and the fact that his business wasn't doing well back then.

Things however, started looking up when someone messaged him advising him to open a branch in Uganda. So he flew back to Kenya spent some quality time with his family then was off to Uganda to try his luck.

"I went to Uganda and opened up a branch there a stall for equipment with a team and all however there is so much that happened in Uganda that I don't want to talk about.

I did a song called 'Igwe' for Exodus and I edited 'Alemba' it's under me but I didn't do the full production. I also worked with Cindy Sanyo I actually worked with almost everyone," J Blessing added.

As to where the rumours of him neglecting his family, sacrificing his son and seeking solace in Uganda came on the father of one went on to shed light on the matter revealing that the guy who had helped him get his footing in Uganda washed him clean.

J was flourishing in Uganda working with all the big names back then as people were in love with his craft. He is a talented director and producer so that doesn't come as a surprise.

"I didn't work with Jose Chamelone or Bebe Cool because them they weren't [big deals] they were new... I worked with a guy called Ziza Bafana and he was a big deal then.

Now here comes the thing, when I am about to go home they guy who had invited me disappeared with all the cash. I didn't have a ticket back home, I was there trying to raise some money to get home then I see all these stories bloggers talking about how I have ran to Uganda oohh Blessing has done this and that and I was broken...it was a day before I was scheduled to come back home.

My son needed my attention, a month being away that was too much," Blessing said.

J Blessing with Chantelle in the past
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On why he was broke even though he had been working with such big names, Blessing revealed that he wanted to retain the content for YouTube so he wasn't charging his clients expensively.

"Kyle needed to go get his 6 month immunization shot but we delayed kidogo, finally took the child to the hospital. Once they got the injection he was okay but his foot started to like rot or something, everyday there was news the kid was getting worse.

The doctors at Aga Khan advised us to take him to India but I was so broke back then I was like India sasa tutaanza wapi. I really prayed... my friend and my brother came and we all prayed, I kept on asking God to let my son be well,"

Blessing recounts how he reconciled with everyone in his life because he really wanted his son to get better but sadly his son didn't make it.

"Every time I tell people that my angel came and went to be with the Lord. I learnt reconciliation. so he is a reconciliation message to me,"

He then went on to explain what part the death played in his breakup with Chantelle.

"I would say yes and no because we saw it. For me when I was losing everything, I remember telling the mother of my child that you see we've lost so many things, I don't wanna lose you. But you can't tell God what to do. Even now we talk, she is my friend. We laugh about other things."

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