Rick Ross hilariously recounts mayhem his ankle monitor caused in the White House

He and a few other hip hop heavyweights had been invited for former President Obama's Brother's Keeper youth initiative

American entrepreneur and artist Rick Ross
Image: Instagram

American rapper, entrepreneur, actor, and film producer Rick Ross is recounting the infamous moment his ankle monitor sounded while he was meeting with then President Barack Obama inside the White House.

If you don't remember or probably were too young back then the 'Aston Martin Music' crooner had been fitted with the ankle monitor device after his 2015 arrest for aggravated assault and aggravated battery.

Fast forward to 2016 Rozay and a few other hip hop heavyweights such as Nicki Minaj, DJ Khalid and Chance The Rapper, were invited to the White House for former President Obama's Brother's Keeper youth initiative.


And here is where the comedy skit began.

Either the Maybach Music Group (MMG) record label founder was way past his stipulated distance or something else triggered his ankle monitor but the thing decided to snitch on him either way.

Speaking with digital content creator Speedy on his show 360 with Speedy, Rozay recounted hearing the thing beeping crazy out of control and says he slumped in his seat hoping no one would notice but sadly for him he was in the White House, and it is totally the Secret Service's job to notice even the tiniest of things. 

Rick Ross.
Image: Instagram

He recounts how agents sprung into action seeking out the source of the noise.

"I was invited by President Obama and I appreciate him for that but I was on house arrest at the time...I doubt it is something that has ever been done in history or will be done again especially facing 200 years.

We were in the setting and I heard it go beep and I tried sliding down my seat and hide myself and I just tried to stick it out. The Secret Service started moving because everybody had given out their electronic phones and all.

So when something started making a noise everyone reacted and all the people in the back started talking on their walkie-talkies but finally it went off," Rick hilarious narrated.

Former President Obama also totally heard the ankle monitor and commented, but the Atlanta-based rapper won't spill the beans on what was said.

"Then Obama said something but I'm not going to repeat it out of respect for him but thank you for having me there," said Rozay candidly.

However, he seems to think fellow rapper Busta Rhymes, who was also present, might and boy do we hope he does!!!

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