KRG the Don highlights why Kenyans should stop idolizing Mr. Beast

KRG asked people to wake up and see that the American was on a self-serving, white saviour complex mission

KRG the Don
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Self-proclaimed billionaire and dancehall artist KRG the Don is asking people to stop idolizing American content creator Mr. Beast and the projects he recently did in the country.

KRG reckoned that the American was on some self-serving white saviour mentality mission and that is why he went to the villages and portrayed our country as a destitute dry arid area that was on its knees before he came to help.

Speaking with YouTuber Vincent Mboya, KRG went on to highlight that Mr. Beast makes a living out of content creation and very well knew what he was doing.

KRG likened the American's behaviour to an artist getting a beautiful girl or a cool whip for his music video, they know what will sell and that is why they go for it.

"I think you are very wrong Mboya. The person you are saying is giving back to the community he just came to shoot his content, or? Was he not creating his content?" said KRG. 

Content creator Mr Beast,

"You Mr. Beast make your own content but don't say you came to help Kenyans. We don't need such help!" KRG said in a matter of fact tone. The interviewer was caught by surprise and asked the dancehall artist if he truly believed as a country we didn't need such help.

KRG adamantly doubled down on his remarks maintaining that we were not a poor country and Mr. Beast was playing on white saviour complex or just knew a video helping black people would up his popularity and give him views.

"What does he do for a living? He is a YouTuber...a content creator so he came to do a project that he knew would give him a lot of sympathy and traction it is a prop.

It is like when you buy flowers or have a pretty girl or a hot car in a music video you know it will give you views. He just came to shoot content to sell to his other white people who are oblivious about how our country looks like. There is so much he could have done if he really wanted to help si vitu vya upumbavu kama hiyo," said the entrepreneur.

"We don't need such help!" KRG maintained.

Kenyan artist KRG the Don

He went on to add;

"Bro we are not in a poor country, we might be having our challenges but we are not in a poor country. Isn't it raining right now? That whole going to the villages to drill boreholes while shooting content and then saying you are helping Kenyans was stupidity.

Kenya haina shida ya maji Indian Ocean imejaa pale (Kenya doesn't have a water problem as a matter of fact the Indian Ocean is just over there and full to the brim)!" The controversial artist said.

Finishing off the father of 3 doubled down on the notion that YouTuber was after self serving needs and that Mr. Beast had used our country as a prop.

He maintained that the videos were probably edited and the guy didn't even construct said 100 boreholes.

Last weekend, it was reported that Mr. Beast claimed to drill 52 wells in the country to help the community and also build bridges in impassable areas among other projects that were meant to help the needy.

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