Dorea Chege highlights rules she and DJ Dibul follow for the sake of their relationship

Dorea revealed the two have set boundaries that they don't cross in their relationship

Actress Dorea Chege

Budding actress Dorea Chege is opening up on the set of rules she and her fiance DJ Dibul have set for each other to help make their relationship better.

Miss Chege maintains that as a couple they both understand that their respective jobs do have their fair share of challenges and can be compromising at times but with boundaries they make things work.

One of the main boundaries that the couple has set in order to make things work is not touching each other’s phones.

“He is a DJ I’m and am an actress there has to be certain boundaries to make it work looking at it pragmatically and logically.

Practically when he is out there deejaying he will have to interact with a lot of women it’s just part of his job.

On my end when I’m on set there are men too and men will always be men you know," started off the actress.

Dorea added just because they didn't touch each other's phones doesn't necessarily translate to them "misbehaving" in public. According to the actress how they conduct themselves out there is always a representation of the other party.

Image: instagram

"Without setting boundaries for ourselves and how we conduct ourselves when together and in our creative spaces then the relationship can be really hard to keep up with,” she said.

The actress also opened up on how different their lives turned out and the immense pressure they have had to deal with after making their relationship public.

As a celebrity couple, Dorea notes that to some extent their humanity and freedom of expression has been scraped off.

“With fame, you can’t be yourself, society forces you to be somebody you are not. We can’t do normal stuff other couples do publicly lest we end up on blogs.

For instance, we can’t board a matatu, I haven’t boarded one in 10 years," the actress shared.

Quoting another scenario that is different for the she highlighted how they can't eat at certain places for the sake of their image adding that even when they are low on finances they can't ask for help as their lives are always a title away from blogs.

“We can’t genuinely borrow money from someone for fear of being ‘exposed’ yet the truth is we also get broke. We can’t go to certain places because people will judge us," the actress lamented.

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