Pastor T Mwangi
Image: Instagram

Pastor T Mwangi recently narrated how his life was before he got saved and remembered one Christmas when he left home for the club.

"I went to a club and the first thing that happened was a fight, a bottle of alcohol was thrown, ikanipita ikagonga ukuta and the whole club went quiet. How that bottle missed me is only God who can explain."

During the same season, T met a lady whom he had sexual contact with but later succumed to HIV/AIDS.


"And on that Christmas, I was high and drunk and slept with a lady. Later, we burried that lady with HIV."

T later got into another relationship with a woman that had been infected by her sugar daddy.

"I began to date another lady and the same thing again. I was told that lady was dating a sugar daddy and he was sick and we burried that man."


On Valentine's day the next year, he had played a game with his boys "mwenye ataingiza dem flani box anamepleka Valentines," he said.

He was the one who won the game and this is where he knew he had not been infected by HIV/AIDS.  He said he had been preserved by The Lord.

"We went to a VCT, I turned out negative by the Grace of God. How The Lord preserved me, I don't know."