Nadia Mukami with Arrow Bwoy
Image: Instagram

Kenyan music queen Nadia Mukami has claimed that her fiance Ali Yusuf aka Arrow Bwoy is the first man to make love to her.

The couple, who have a son, were participating in a Q&A show on YouTube when Nadia made the revelation.

"Who broke your virginity?" Arrow Bwoy asked his girlfriend. Nadia Mukami answered quickly, and jokingly "You!" and immediately he burst out laughing.


At first, Arrow Bwoy seemed very shocked and doubted the answer but eventually agreed with her.

"I love my family, I have to protect my family with all my heart. It's me," Arrow said while agreeing with Nadia's answer.

When asked about the first time he had had physical intimacy Arrow said, said,

Nilipokuwa katika kidato cha pili, nilijaribu. Nilikuwa nachumbiana na mtu ako katika kidato cha nne. Alikuwa bikra. Nilipambana, wueh, nilipamba. Sikufurahia.

Ndio maana saa hii ukiniuliza, afadhali unipee gari iko na uzoefu kwa barabara kuliko unipee kitu ambacho kimetoka kwa duka. Saa hii uniletee bikra na wewe (Nadia), afadhali nikufe na wewe.”

The 'Digi Digi' hit singer was also asked about the most amazing area he has ever had intimacy at.

"For the car, and for the studio too," Arrow Bwoy answered.

The musician also claimed that he cannot clearly remember the name of the first girl he fell in love with.