Rashid Abdalla
Image: Instagram

Rashid Abdalla, the well-known television journalist, has refuted reports that he is interested in running for office in Kwale County.

Abdallah, a resident of Waa in Kwale, has been running the Rashid Abdalla Super Cup, a well-liked football competition, for the last three years.

As Abdalla's popularity rises, some local politicians and leaders have become uneasy; some have even publicly asked him to reveal his motivation.

But according to Abdalla, who spoke with the Star, the football competitions serve no political purpose.

He declared that his one and only goal is to discover and nurture young people's skills in order to empower the society and lead growth.

Abdalla stated that his only expectations are to help young people fulfil their potential and participate fully in the process of national development, without expecting anything in return.

"My interest is not political but the desire to grow talents and transform the youth's lives through sports," he said.

According to him, the football effort is being launched against a backdrop of high rates of teenage drug usage and insecurity that have previously been documented in the area, particularly in Waa.

According to Abdalla, he is using the football league to cut down on idle time and keep young people away from the streets, where they are most susceptible to drug use and criminal activity.

"The only thing I want is peace, cohesion and a good life for the youth. I can relate to the challenges they are going through because I was born and raised here," he said.

According to the journalist, he wants to provide a platform that would enable young people to flourish and pursue their passions.

He claimed that it is tragic to see gifted people squandered on drug misuse, teenage pregnancy, and criminal activity.

The fourth iteration of the Rashid Abdalla Super Cup, which includes all of the county's teams, has begun.

The champion of this year's competition, which is now in the quarterfinals, would take home about Sh1.5 million.

According to Kaka Zema, the Rashid Abdalla Super Cup's communication officer, the league has revitalised football in Kwale County as well as the wider coastline region.

He stated that, in contrast to earlier times when there was little drive, young people now consider football to be a career.

Zema claimed that compared to earlier times when these incidents were common, the football programme has successfully reduced the problems of drug misuse and insecurity.

Before then, according to George Ojwaya, the secretary of the Rashid Abdalla Super Cup organising committee, the Kwale community and youth believed that football was a non-profit sport.

According to Ojwaya, the league has helped people recognise their own abilities and the value of football.

Because the top clubs and players receive cash and honours every season, he claimed that the league has become a source of inspiration.