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When Mugithi musician Samidoh Muchoki danced with a particular mzungu woman who chose to join him on stage, Kenyans in Dubai and others who were based online were exuberant.

The musician is seen pausing briefly in the viral video clip of the incident when a Mzungu woman wearing black top and trousers hotpants joined him on stage.

"Nine months from now, mother of Wairimu," the Mumbi hitmaker playfully warned as the Mzungu waved to the cheering crowd.    

Below is the video;

Kenyans in the comments instantly joked that the musician and the fan would now have something going on. Read some of the comments below;

94milions aki nlikosa 🥺 hope mlienjoy

1kim · Creator kwani nn hukukuja🥰


1kim · Creator eeh🥰

Girltoto hii imeenda 🤣🤣🤣

1kim · Creator imeenda hii😂😂

Aggie Schaeff 😂😂 mother of wairimu

1kim · Creator hujalala

Coincidentally, when the last time the musician performed in Dubai, he got into a fight with politician Karen Nyamu, his second baby mama, and his first wife Edday Nderitu.

During that moment, Edday intervened with a couple of bouncers to try to remove Karen from the singer when she attempted to dance with her.

The senator nominated was particularly embarrassed by the episode, and he blamed drink for the entire problem.

Even so, she declared that she was over dating the father of her two most recent children, only for, like in a Hollywood romantic comedy, the pair to mysteriously reconcile a few months later.

His marriage to Edday, who chose to start over in the USA with her and their three children, would terminate as a result of that choice.

Oh, how times change.