Rick Ross
Image: Instagram

American rapper and businessman Rick Ross has announced that he is hiring of a flight attendant who will work on his private plane, where he will pay up to 17 million Kenyan shillings per year [115,000 dollars].

The rich owner of Bel Airplanes announced this in a video that has been spread on the internet where he said that he is looking for an attendant with a sense of humor and high competence in doing his job.

"Come on, this is the big boss in the household, here behind me is my Bel Airplane. Boss Rick Ross is looking for his personal attendant in his private jet.


The salary is between 85 thousand dollars to 115 thousand dollars per year. You must be experienced, energetic, and good at serving Ross…” the artist said. Ross said that traveling around the world has always been one of his many businesses and saw the need for a personal trainer.

He ended by giving his email address and insisting that the job applications he will receive are only from non-joking applicants.