Ed Sheeran
Image: Instagram

British artist, Ed Sheeran has reportedly donated almost 450 items of his clothes - including the underwear he used - to be sold at an auction market to raise money for humanitarian aid for children in his village.

The singer, 32, raided his wardrobe to donate the clothes to East Anglia's Children Hospices (EACH) store in Framlingham, Suffolk, where he grew up.

Among those items are 149 underwear, half of which have been worn by the musician.


The collection also includes 20 jumpers, 11 trousers, 14 hats, six onesies, and 73 pairs of socks as well as seven pieces of Ipswich Town merchandise, which is Ed's favorite football team.

Ed has been an ambassador for EACH since 2014 and many of the clothes will be auctioned off on the charity's eBay site, with prices starting at £9.99 per item.

There will be three auctions, starting on November 16, November 26, and December 3, with 20 items reserved for each store's new opening.


The garments will not be washed or ironed prior to sale, but will be 'sold as received' with each item sold accompanied by a signed letter of authenticity.

Kevin Clements, EVERY director of fundraising and communications, said: "It's a wonderful gesture. and kind of Ed.

His generosity will raise thousands of pounds for our wonderful charity.

"Despite his incredible success and high profile, he remains a loyal champion and we are forever grateful for his support.

'We realize how lucky we are. It is very important and helps to raise the profile of the vital care we provide to children and their families.'

EACH cares for vulnerable children and young people and supports their families across Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, and Essex.

The Photograph hitmaker previously donated her clothes to the charity in 2014, raising £7,500 of vital cash.