Georgina Njenga
Image: Instagram

Georgina Njenga, a content producer, has drawn criticism from social media users for posting a video of herself playing pranks on her nanny that she thought was funny.

"I pranked my nanny for the first time😂😂wueeh," the single mother said on her YouTube page, indicating that she would be returning after a period of inactivity.

Bundles of cash were left on the floor as part of the prank to make the nanny look like a burglar.


The Nanny's response suggested that the TikToker had discovered the money concealed in her garments.

The employer instructed the nanny to take the money and pack her bags, but she angrily denied stealing from them.

"So you see this money take it, and leave, go to your home," Georgina orders.


The nanny exclaims, "Niende wapi?" as Georgina responds, "Si kwenyu!!"

"Apana mimi hiyo pesa sijui ilitoka wapi. Sielewi kabisa, sielewi," she denies stealing.

She continues by saying that she finds it puzzling that money may be found in her clothes when she was never in possession of it in the first place.

Netizens are displeased with the dup's back-and-forth exchange and chastise Georgina for the humiliation.

Here are reactions:

mugozsuzzyanna...Mimi ukinifanyia hii prank naacha kazi roho safi

miss254amk...Never joke with people called nannies.. give them their respect..some pranks its a NO

betty_kyalo_...Even if it’s a prank, kuna haka kanabweka as if hapo n kwake Eti pack na uende😂😂

ledivapeters...No this is disrespectful hapana ata kama ni prank ziii