Juliani with Lillian Ng'ang'a
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Juliani's wife Lillian Ng'ang'a has agreed with the opinion that a woman should have a child only when she is ready for that step.

On Wednesday, the mother of one boy shared a quote for women to become parents only when they are ready for that new chapter of life, mentioning that once a person takes that step it cannot be undone.

In her post, Lillian agreed with the advice stating that a woman cannot opt ​​out of childbirth once she takes the step of giving birth.


"I saw this somewhere.. as a woman, give birth when you're ready because once it's done, it's something you can't opt ​​out of. I agree! I agree! I agree!," Lilian Nganga wrote on her Instagram page.

Lillian Ng'ang'a with her son
Image: Instagram

The former wife of the former governor of Machakos County, Alfred Mutua, who is currently married to singer Julius Owino popularly known as Juliani gave birth to her first child last year at the age of 37.

Lilian and her hubby welcomed their first child together, Utheri, in July last year, just about a year after making their relationship public.


Earlier this year, the businesswoman opened up about how raising her months-old son has been so far.

Talking about how Utheri's upbringing has been, Lilian noted that it has revived some of the childish things she did in the past years.

"Raising this child has awakened the childhood in me that had been forgotten for a long time," Ms Nganga said.

The mother of one boy made it clear that she really enjoys the process of raising her son and the things she has to do.

"I love it for me.. for him.. for us," he said.

While celebrating her son in September last year, Mrs. Lilian said that her son has brought her great joy by being called a mother.

She also revealed that his son's name is 'Utheri'.

"On 22.07.22 around 10.11 AM, a wonderful little boy gave me a new name, Mother.

Today I couldn't wait for the sun to see his wonderful smile as he turns two months old. Utheri my boy..," she said via Instagram.

He also used the opportunity to assure his son of his great love for him. Utheri is a Kikuyu name meaning 'Light.'

In an interview with Citizen Digital, Lilian revealed that she would like her son to be the light of the world.