Meru governor Kawira Mwangaza received by residents on November 10, 2023.

Governor Kawira Mwangaza of Meru has said that she is prepared to dissolve her county.

If Meru inhabitants feel that the county should be abolished, the county chief says she will honour their wishes.

"There are a number of organisations that have started collecting signatures to dissolve the county after seeing the direction our MCAs have taken... as the Governor, I am ready to support their quest," Mwangaza said.


The County Chief emphasised that she would stand by the Meru people if assistance was provided by dissolving the county.

Mwangaza emphasised that she will leave knowing that she did her best throughout her 14 months in government.

"I have done the best of my ability in the past one year with a lot of disturbances. There is no other governor who has been impeached three times in a span of one year," she said.


Governor Mwangaza stated that in spite of her difficulties, she was able to work for the people of Meru and complete a 72% absorption budget.

The governor expressed optimism, stating that she is confident she will be re-elected if Meru residents so desire.

"If God will see it best and residents also say that I have worked, I know I will be re-elected," Mwangaza added.

Kawira was cleared by the Senate last week of all seven allegations brought against her by the Meru County Assembly.

Mwangaza was given a fresh start in the county leadership when the Senate threw out all of the accusations against her.

She was accused of resource theft and misuse, bullying, nepotism, unauthorised appointments, contempt of court, and unlawfully naming a road in her husband's honour.

In a fierce response, Governor Mwangaza said she was being victimised because she is a woman leader and refuted all of the accusations.

Meru sent a second impeachment petition to the County Assembly.

A petition to impeach governor Kawira Mwangaza's cabinet executive committee members for allegedly breaking the Constitution and statutory laws was filed by more than fifteen Meru residents on Wednesday.

The petitioners listed numerous reasons for their desire to fire the main of Staff, three main officers, six members of the County Executive Committee, the County Secretary, and the Secretary to the Cabinet.

The defence that Governor Mwangaza presented to the Senate during the unsuccessful attempt to remove her from office is one of the facts cited.

"She consistently put a defence on the accusations levelled against her and blamed all the constitutional and statutory laws violations on her junior officers in the executive," the petitioners said.

They also mentioned the usurpation of the Service Board's authority, the mismanagement of public service by some executive members, the encouragement of public resource embezzlement, the intervention in the administration of county health facilities, and the use of disparaging remarks directed at Deputy Governor Mutuma M'Ethingia.

Additionally, they have charged that certain personnel were in charge of the feeding initiatives' introduction without proper policy frameworks and the allocation of the single dairy cow.

"From the aforementioned, it is uncontroverted that the aforementioned executive officers have violated, infringed and threatened the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 and other established statutory laws, the constitutional rights of the residents of Meru County which is illegal and that is punishable under the law," the petitioners argued.

"Herefore, your humble petitioners pray that this honourable County Assembly of Meru consider this petition as urgent since it is a public interest matter (and) institute the impeachment procedure as laid down in the Meru County Assembly Standing orders," they said.