President William Ruto addressing the opening of a two-day National Executive Pitstop Retreat at the Edge Convention Centre in South C, Nairobi.

William Ruto, the head of state, has promised to make the best choices for the nation.

He stated that the government's priorities are long-term and the welfare of the populace as a whole.

“We should never be short-term in our approaches to issues,” he noted.


The President declared that he would choose a critical, audacious, and revolutionary course rather than the straightforward, practical, and well-liked one.

He understood that it will be challenging, but he also realised that "this will change our country for eternity."

He was giving a speech on Thursday at the Edge Convention Centre in South C, Nairobi, to kick off a two-day National Executive Pitstop Retreat.


Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, Principal Secretaries, Cabinet Secretaries, and other high-ranking government officials were present.

The President stated to the gathering that his goal is to change the nation for the benefit of its citizens, not so much to win elections.

“My goal is to transform Kenya and make future generations prosperous.”

He emphasised that Kenya is moving towards food security as a result of the government's initiative to subsidise food production.

“We are now intentional on the creation of jobs as well as the repayment of our debts. Kenya will not default on its obligations.”

He continued by expressing gratitude for the benefits his most recent international tours have brought to the nation.

“We have created a shining profile for Kenya; it is now a destination of choice to many investors and tourists,” he maintained.

He said Kenya now has a solid relationship with its development partners.

“We have consolidated our place in the globe.”

The President asked those in attendance to act collectively to pull Kenya in the right direction.

“It is time we discharged our responsibilities effectively so that we can change the lives of millions of Kenyans.”

The Head of State pointed out that the Government will routinely caucus and consult so that better and diverse ideas can shared.

“The sustained appraisal of our work-in-progress will help us fix our shortfalls and accelerate our successes.”

On his part, Mr Gachagua explained that the regular meetings offer the Government a chance to assess what it has done.

“We have a contract with the people of Kenya that can only be renewed upon our successful performance,” he said.