H_art the Band highlights why they shouldn't be compared to Sauti Sol

The poetic trio highlighted that it wasn't fair to compare their journey, growth, and success with that of Sauti Sol

Hart The Band performing
Hart The Band performing
Image: Moses Mwangi

H_art the Band members have expressed their displeasure with being pitied against fellow music group Sauti Sol.

The poetic trio highlighted that it wasn't fair to compare their journey, growth, and success with that of Sauti Sol as they were not entirely different groups but they also had different styles of delivery and goals in general.

Speaking with Mpasho during their event celebrating clocking a decade in the music industry the music group had this to say. 

"You can't compare... I don't think it is even fair to try and compare us with Sauti Sol. H_art the Band will always be Hart the Band and like wise to Sauti Sol," said the band members candidly.

They went on to add;

"We respect everything they have done for the industry but we have our own music, our own journey and catalogue and we are here to stay kama kawa (like always),"

Doubling down on their sentiments they added that just because they were in the same field it didn't mean that they had to play by the same book.

"Every musician is different, I feel every artist has their own journey and process... and this is Hart the Band's moment,"

Hart the band party time album
Hart the band party time album

Making light of the moment and highlighting why the comparisons held no water as the groups were in more ways than one so different the members (each chipping in) went on to highlight what sets them apart from the 'Live and Die in Africa' crooners.

"They have been there and they still are here but they don't have dreadlocks like us, they don't have a poet in their group we are unique in our own way... I feel like these comparisons sometimes should just be done with instead of just being thrown across carelessly,"

On how they have managed to stay together for 10 good years without controversy and news of discontent rocking their camp as across the globe we have seen it is quite difficult for a band to remain intact especially when fame hits the 'Nikikutazama' crooners had this to say;

"What keeps us together is the fact that we are a family. We talk about everyday issues that affect us in real life and people like it isn't just about music, Hart the band is a family.

We talk about music as well but even when music stops, the family is still there," the band beautifully noted.

They finished off by sending immense love and gratitude to their fans for their unwavering support as they promised to keep on creating timeless music for their enjoyment.

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