American actress and musician Halle Bailey
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Grammy nominee Halle Bailey has debunked pregnancy rumours that have been spinning around the internet for a couple of weeks now with a stern warning to fans.

Addressing the speculations on her Snapchat account the 23-year-old songstress noted that at this point it felt like people were mocking her African features and trying to puncture her confidence. 

The actress highlighted that she was not pregnant and asked people to leave her alone while responding to a Snapchat user who had commented on one of Halle's posts noting that 'The Little Mermaid' star had a 'pregnancy nose.'


"Listen if I see one more person say something about my nose one more time there is going to be hell to pay!" said Halle.

She went on to add that the main reason she was now mad was because people were not just speculating but also tearing down her image.

"And you know why? Because I am black and I love my nose. What are you concerned about my nose for? Leave me the hell alone!" The 'Angel' hitmaker said as she sipped on her drink. 


Captioning the video she wrote, "Like please," accompanied with several laughing emojis.

Her bulging tummy has fans convinced she is pregnant
Halle taking a stroll with her boyfriend DDG Her bulging tummy has fans convinced she is pregnant
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However the sheer fact that she didn't explicitly say, 'I'm not pregnant' still has some fans convinced that she is indeed with child. "Her addressing the nose but not the pregnancy part tells me everything I need to know!" A fan commented.

“Pregnancy nose” is a phenomenon that some women experience during pregnancy.

It is characterized by the gradual swelling of the nose due to hormonal changes, such as estrogen, that relax the blood vessels in the nose and increase blood flow. This can lead to a broadening or bulbosity at the tip of the nose and usually lasts up to 6 weeks.

Just like with fellow artist, Nigerian superstar Tems, rumour mills of Halle and her rapper boyfriend DDG being expectant started swirling about 2 months ago with fans getting curious as she was seen outside severally with baggy fits.

And her photos were mostly side profiles, selfies or notably edited (or so netizens thought) There was also the little detail of her tummy appearing to be bulging and her opting for flowy dress during the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards. 

Netizens have created a compilation video trying to find easter eggs to confirm that Halle is indeed pregnant and the trip feels like a big conspiracy theory. 

Let us see if the speculations will finally be laid to rest with this latest remark from Halle Bailey. 

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