Anne Njeri with her lawyer
Image: The-Star

Businesswoman Anne Njeri Njoroge has wondered why a large number of Kenyans doubt her ability to import oil worth Ksh17billion which has been held at the port of Mombasa for more than a month.

Speaking in a special interview with Citizen TV in a hidden location, the businesswoman who has been popular for the past few weeks made sarcastic statements to people who doubt what a rich person looks like.

"I don't know what a person with money looks like. I don't know how a person with money lives.


He who has money, does not know himself. I don't know what kind of person has money," Anne said.

The controversial businesswoman said whether rich or poor, everyone is seen as human and there is no clear difference.

Ms Anne Njeri was answering many questions raised by Kenyans about her ability to own a large amount of oil worth billions of money.


Many Kenyans have been questioning her wealth and claiming that she does not look like someone who has the ability to import that much oil.

Some have claimed that the oil belongs to a famous Kenyan billionaire, probably a politician and that Anne Njeri is only being used to hide that person's identity.

In the same interview, the businesswoman confirmed that her mother does not know her wealth despite the fact that she knows that she is doing business.

"Mother does not know how much my money is. She knows I am a businesswoman. that she knows. But you know many things are not to be said," she said.

Last week, Anne Njeri's mother was interviewed by journalists admitting that she never knew that her daughter was so rich.

Ms Pauline Njoroge said that apart from not knowing her daughter's wealth, she has also never met her for the past 5 years.

"It is true that I miss my daughter a lot, but I want her to come see me, but she always tells me that she is busy," the 71-year-old mother told NTV.

"We only see each other through video and I have accepted that because if she is okay, I am also relieved," she added.