Bena Wa Malines
Image: Instagram

Bena Wa Malines, a popular Kenyan content producer has defended himself on his social media accounts after allegations that he is a deadbeat.

A woman who identified herself as Lydia Waithera shared in an interview with bloggers that Bena had allegedly abandoned her and their two children, one of whom is three months old.

In the interview, she claimed that Bena was a responsible person before he became famous.


"He got famous, he changed," she lamented. She said that the entertainer does not prioritize his family like in the past.

Bena, however, has denied the allegations warning his fans not to believe what they are told and hear on the internet.

"The internet is full of information, some true, some false, some true, some written.


Some of us are here to create and entertain, and some of us are here to seek fame and slander.  Don't believe everything the media gives you," the content creator said.

He also said that people will always want to do everything they can to bring others down despite the hard work they have done to get where they are.

"Some people will find all ways to bring you down, some will falsely accuse you, some will fail to appreciate you," he said.

He went on to reassure his fans that everything was fine and that there was nothing to worry about.

"Landa ni sapii nguys!" he admitted.

Bena rose to fame in 2022 when one of his funny videos went viral. He said that was his first video on his official TikTok account.

His videos are inspired by everyday conversations that he does in a unique and interesting way that makes Kenyans love his social media for laughing at his great sense of humor.

He won the Pulse Tiktok Award for the best influencer of the year on October 15, 2022.