Maliha Mohammed
Image: Instagram

Coast-born Kenyan chef Maliha Mohammed fainted on Monday morning while attempting to break the world record for the longest cooking time by an individual.

Maliha had already crossed the 100-hour mark before she reportedly fainted on Monday morning.

Fortunately, doctors responded quickly and provided her with first aid, she woke up again after a short time and continued cooking.


Photos from the scene show paramedics attending to the famous chef who was lying face down.

"I am a winner and a marathon runner. Nothing gets us down. Until the end," Chef Maliha said on her Instagram page after successfully waking up again.

Chef Maliha Mohammed fainting

Her message on Monday morning showed that she is still determined to cook for 200 hours as her target.


Fans and netizens have called on more Kenyans to show up in her kitchen to support her as she tries to break the world record.

According to her last statement, Maliha had already cooked for 111 hours and 23 minutes before she fainted.

That means she had already passed half of her intended time. Chef Maliha Mohammed is trying to break the longest cooking record currently held by Ireland's Allan Fisher.

Earlier this month, Guinness World Records said that Fisher cooked for 119 hours and 57 minutes at her restaurant in Japan, breaking the previous record held by Nigerian chef Hilda 'Baci' Bassey.

Bassey previously set the record in May this year after cooking for 93 hours, 11 minutes, a feat that made her world famous.