17,124 passports ready for collection from October 31
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Kenyans have until December 8, 2023, to give their views on the proposed new charges touching on passports and IDs.

This is in line with a directive issued last week by Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki, that public participation on the proposed levies should be as soon as possible and not later than December 10.

In a notice on Monday, Immigration and Citizens Services Principal Secretary Julius Bitok said the submission would be done physically or digitally.

"The State Department for Immigration and Citizen Services invites views and proposals from the public and other stakeholders on the intended revision for consideration," reads the notice.

"Views and proposals can be submitted in writing through memoranda marked "Public Participation on New charges" and dropped off at the following locations."

The locations include Nyayo house, ground floor and Regional Commissioners, county commissioners or deputy county commissioners' offices across the country.

Also, the submission can be emailed to [email protected] 

Last week, CS Kindiki revoked the earlier Gazette Notice and issued a new one with a proposal for the new charges, subject to public participation.

In his proposal, Kenyans seeking to acquire a new ID will now have to pay Sh300 and not Sh1,000 which had earlier been gazetted by the State.

Kenyans who are needy, including orphans and those who demonstrate that they are extremely poor to pay  Sh300 required for the new ID will have the amount catered for by the government.

"On the particular issue of acquisition of National Identity Cards by previously not registered citizens, the government shall defray the costs of the revised charges, fees and levies through a waiver for indigent Kenyans who demonstrate inability to pay," Kindiki said.

In the new proposal, Kenyans will now replace their lost IDs at a cost of Sh1,000 and not Sh2,000 indicated in the revoked Gazette Notice.

The cost of changing the particulars of an ID has remained unchanged. Kenyans will pay the initial amount of Sh1,000.

Those seeking to have Identification Reports will have to pay Sh1000, up from the initial amount of Sh300.

Civil Servants cards in the new proposal will cost Sh1,000, up from Sh100.

Staff badges will now cost Sh1,000,  which is almost three times the initial amount.

However, the proposed charges on Passports have remained the same as one contained in the revoked gazette notice.

The ordinary passport (34 pages) that costs Sh4,500 will cost Sh7,500, the 50-page passport will cost Sh9,500 up from the current Sh6,000 and the 66-page passport would cost Sh12,500 up from the current Sh7,500.

Replacing a lost passport would cost Sh20,000, compared to Sh12,000 which is what the Immigration Department currently charges.

A 50-page diplomatic passport would have seen one spend Sh15,000, double the price of the previous fee.

The CS has also maintained the increase on birth and death certificates from Sh50 to Sh200 in the new proposal.