British-Nigerian ARTIST Gabzy
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British-Nigerian sensation and vocalist Gabriel Akinyemi popularly known as Gabzy has offered an apology to his Kenyan fans after the mayhem that ensued over the weekend at his concert.

"Kenya, we had an unforgettable experience! I appreciate every single person that came out for the Gabzy Experience," started off the 'As Friends' hitmaker sending out love to his fans.

Gabzy went on to address all the issues that have been raised online from his weekend concert highlighting how deeply sorry he was for all the fans who had been affected.


"However I can't overlook the information I have received, to those people who were denied entry with valid tickets and affected by the tear gas or authorities before the show my deepest apologies to you all," the UK based artist wrote in part.

Finishing up the 27 year old musician noted that alongside his team they were working on ensuring such madness never happens again in any of his concerts.

British-Nigerian musician Gabzy
Image: Courtesy

"Working with my team to ensure this doesn't happen again, all love" the last of Gabzy's post accompanied by the Kenyan flag and a love heart emoji read.

Gabzy performed on Saturday, 25th November in Nairobi at Carnivore grounds as part of AirBeats "Sounds From Africa Festival" His concert dubbed 'The Gabzy Experience' however did not run as smoothly as anticipated.

Besides force being used and them literally getting teargassed by police, fans have also complained about the ticketing stations, lack of general organization while accessing Carnivore grounds and theft among other issues.

Such a shame considering this was Gabzy first concert in Kenya. Also the fact that his Kampala, Ugandan experience was better makes me want to cry.

Luckily they hardly go on Twitter war with us so we are safe for now, we will just troll ourselves personally.

Did you attend the Gabzy Experience? Share with us your experience.


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