Digital content creators Carey Priscilla and her lover Benito Murui

Akorino model and makeup artist Carey Priscilla and her husband Benito Murui are currently facing backlash from netizens following their latest Instagram post.

In the Instagram post, now being viewed as a little TMI by online users, Carey who rocked a white robe all the way closed while her hubby had his robe open with only boxers and socks on.

The two could be seen intimately dancing on top on their bed with Carey at some point whining on her man before she turns to twerk for the camera. The go on to share kisses before having a mini pillow fight moment.


"Part of our morning routine," the mother of two's caption on the video read. With the caption giving a little bit more details.

Carey Priscilla and Benito Murui

The couple sharing on Instagram wrote, "We are very intentional about making our marriage work. By the way, the song we were dancing to isn’t this one. And please ignore our left foot!#careypriscilla #benitomuriu"

Cute in some ways but now you see why people are mad pressed?

Flocking the comment section, netizens couldn't help but voice their sentiments with most noting they felt the two crossed the line and are of the notion that not everything deserves to be on screens.

Others trolled Carey for keeping her hair covered while revealing more sensual parts of her body as well as her intimacy with Benito. As if that wasn't a lot, some went on to analyze Benito's body as like I mentioned above, he only has his underwear on and an open white robe so very little is left to imagination.

Below are a few comments from Instagram users;

Kui_Karari: Cringe af

Wambomugesh: Huyu dem alikataa kabisaa kuheshimu kiremba

Sue_Karryw: We will be shown everything else apart from the hair

Willyyungin: 😂😂😂😂nimezoom ninio na sioni smh

Chapman_mo: Yaani watu wakianza kukosa likes na views they can do anything to get them. By the way mnabore sana.

Faith Karymie: Kumbe nywele ukua more private than the private parts?😅

Colormemet: Nishaona chenye mlikua mnataka tuone

Jerry_muthoni: How much money does it take ushamba kutoka ju waaa ya hawa imekataa

In your opinion was the video a little too much or are Kenyans overreacting?

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