DJ Pierra Makena and her daughter Rica Pokot
Image: Instagram

Renown female disc jockey (DJ) Pierra Makena is a super proud mom after her daughter Ricca Pokot landed her first acting gig! I mean who wouldn't.

The super elated mom took to her socials to share the moment with her fans as she celebrated her baby girl who'd found something she is super into and pursuing it.

But just like any other mom, she expressed that she was a little nervous having her little girl away from her during the shooting days. Pierra maintained she didn't know how she fully felt about not having Pokot with her for almost a week.

Sharing a post of her walking her little one to the studio buss Pierra couldn't stop gushing over how proud she was of little Ricca.

In the video she could also be heard telling her daughter, "You are going to be a superstar... you will kill it, I know you will be great. I love you," before the two went on to share a secret handshake and a few hugs.

Ricca who can't stop jumping up and down with excitement then boards the bus and off they go with Pierra holding back tears.

Captioning the post DJ Pierra went on to note that she was super grateful for the team that cast Ricca.

“My moment of tears of joy. Riccas first movie deal, and I am so proud of her. … I can’t express how grateful I am to the casting team and the directors/producers for seeing the talent in my little girl..." excitedly wrote the entertainment maestro. 

DJ Pierra went on to add that she was more relaxed knowing that Ricca will be in the company of award winning actress and digital content creator Jacky Vike.

"She is away from me on set for 4 days, and I don’t even know how I feel…. Also knowing she is acting alongside @jackyvike I’m a bit relaxed ☺️ #congratulations my baby @riccapokotofficial," the last of her post read. 

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